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Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage”(BSB)" is an annual two-day retreat providing holistic marriage enhancing, scripture-based education to the modern wife for inspiring self-realization and spiritual exploration, igniting couples' intimacy, and increasing sexual satisfaction within the marriage.  BSB is in its 5th year of existence and is rapidly expanding with every yearly conference.

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The Art of the Geisha

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“Spicing Up Marriages One Sexy Wife at a Time”

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Together, let’s get 1 Million Wives from around the world to take the One Sexy Wife 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge and experience the impact within their marriages. For 30 consecutive days express gratitude to your husband and record it in the OSW 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Booklet.  At the end of the 30 days, gift your husband the booklet to serve as a reminder of all that you are grateful for.

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Color Him Red 2013

Color Him Red, is a charge to wives to mentally and physically embellish their marriages with boldness, passion and power. Our goal for the conference is to teach wives how to be bold according to biblical principles, how to be passionate in and outside of the bedroom and how to cultivate a powerful bond within their marriages.

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“One Sexy Wife” (OSW) is a women’s

lifestyle brand offering novelty items

and apparel.  BSB attendees are often seen wearing the very popular signature “One Sexy Wife” t-  shirts. The brand will be expanding in

2014 to include more items including personal bath accessories and other novelty items.  

One Sexy Wife

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An online resource for the modern wife!


Light for the Wife

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Art of the Geisha 2014 Submission Pleasure Etiquette attributes of a Godly wife